E-learning at 5 per cent in Oshikoto

 Oshikoto Education Directorate with 71 000 learners has online learning, WhatsApp and booklets distribution as its three learning modes now that no face-to-face teaching in the country due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

Education Director in Oshikoto, Aletta Eises said this whilst giving an update on the continuation of teaching and learning in the region at the COVID-19 Communication Centre on Friday.

The three learning methods, Eises said, are the directorate’s new education approaches aimed at keeping children/learners busy at home during the state of emergency underway in the country.

She however pointed out that online learning is mostly utilised in the private schools, while public schools, where resources are limited and that not all learners have access to smart phones and devices, online learning is used only 5 per cent.

According to Eises, the directorate is 95 per cent making use of the booklets prepared by teachers through quality assurance checks by senior education officers to see if the prepared works are in par with the syllabus and schemes of work so that the required quality is not compromised.

She indicated that the region’s teachers’ resource centres and 12 education circuits are being used as booklets production centres due to the fact that they all have the resources and/or equipment.

“After the production of this work, it is then picked up by the principals to take them to their schools where the parents are collecting them for their learners,” explained Eises, adding that learners are not allowed at all to collect the materials (booklets).

The region is vast and as such, Eises said, parents are collecting and submitting the booklets and works that the learners have already completed biweekly in order to prevent parents from traveling up-and-down.

Teachers started on 06 May after having been on holiday, and Eises believes improvement regarding the new teaching approach would be realised to address parents’ concern by next week.

Oshikoto Education Directorate has 221 schools and 3 394 teachers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency