Earthlife Namibia urges schools to turn Fridays into days of marching to Parliament

Earthlife Namibia, a non-governmental organisation that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources, has urged schools to turn Fridays into days of marching to Parliament and handing over petitions, to raise awareness on saving the planet.

Chairperson BertchenKohrs said in a media statement that the marches with banners and singing of slogans are meant to force lawmakers to act on climate change.

She said the first march in Namibia took place on 15 March this year when learners in their respective towns and villages joined other children marching globally.

Kohrs said children of more than 30 countries worldwide began to protest outside their parliaments and on 15 March 2019, people in more than 110 countries from all continents including Namibia took to the streets, chanting 'up to here and no further'.

She said they demanded from their governments and international community not to sacrifice the future to short-term interests, explaining that children from Namibia, instead of attending classes on Fridays, must take to the streets to demand action to prevent further climate change.

Source: Namibia Press Agency