ECB approves -1.6 per cent adjustment for Erongo RED

The Electricity Control Board (ECB) has approved an average -1.6 per cent tariff decrease for Erongo RED business customers effective from 01 July 2020.

At a media conference held here on Thursday, Erongo RED Chief Executive Officer Fessor Mbango announced that the adjustment was qualified by the introduction of the single season tariff and the change in the Time of Use (TOU) schedule.

“Erongo RED took into account various factors such as the zero per cent tariff adjustment by NamPower and concerns raised by the community through the consumer liaison committee which includes the current economic situation and operational costs,” Mbango stated.

He added that the introduction of the single season tariff and the change in the TOU schedule was communicated to all TOU customers, while all other customers including residential, pensioners and at institutions will see a zero impact on their monthly bill as tariffs remain unchanged.

“Business customers will therefore see a 0 to -1.6 per cent reduction based on their usage on their monthly bill,” he said.

With regard to statutory levies, Mbango added that the ECB levy will remain unchanged for the period of 12 months, starting 01 July 2020 to 31 June 2021.

“Erongo RED is still committed to providing subsidised tariffs to registered pensioners up to 40 Amperage. The tariffs for the pensioners who are being subsidised will still remain unchanged for the 2020/2021 period,” he said.

There are currently 6 495 pensioners registered on the subsidised tariff.

Erongo RED also has a lifeline tariff for its low income members applicable to domestic customers with up to 20 Amperage connection.

There are 2 198 consumers connected to this tariff.

Source: Namibia Press Agency