ECN ready for supplementary voters’ registration: Tjipueja

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), Advocate NotembaTjipueja said ECN is ready for the upcoming supplementary voters registration that is scheduled to take place from 8-27 July.

Speaking here in a media briefing on Thursday, Tjipueja said the ECN is already done with recruitment of all regional managers, supervisors and regional logistics officer and registration officials and all their trainings are already done successfully.

I am delighted to confirm that the ECN has successfully recruited a total number of 4 488 registration officials from which 671 teams were composed to serve 4069 registration points spread of 14 regions and 121 constituencies countrywide, she said.

She said people recruited are from the unemployed youths with appropriate qualifications and other people with electoral expertise experience.

I am happy to inform the Namibian nation that for the first time in our electoral history, no single government official was recruited during this process, except for Foreign Mission staffs, who are obliged by our Electoral Law to assist in providing services for registration and polling at all Namibian Foreign Missions she said.

The chairperson said in-country registration materials have already been dispatched to their respective regions as well the registration materials for the 34 diplomatic missions.

She added the regional logistic stores are already operational, registration venues are identified, verified and secure in all 121 constituencies and deployment of registration teams is expected to take place on Saturday and Sunday.

However the chairperson said the ECN required 856 vehicles to be assigned to the registration official but only manage to acquire 712 vehicles from the government, making it a shortfall of 145 vehicles.

Although transport is a challenge, it is worth mentioning that all regional management teams have already received vehicles and are already in the field preparations for the commencement of the registration process, said Tjpueja.

She added ECN is has developed plan B, which is to contract private citizens with suitable vehicles to assist in transporting of personnel and registration materials.

With regard to the specialised transport requirements, the ECN manage to secure five trucks and two helicopters. In addition, the Zambezi regional Council has committed two boats in the flood prone areas of the region, she said.

She added that the helicopters are to be used in certain areas of Kunene where road infrastructure almost does not exist.

Source: Namibia Press Agency