ECN recruits 94 youth as election ambassadors

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) recruited 94 youth ambassadors to reach out to other youths and inform them about importance of registering as voters and encourage them to vote.

This was revealed by ECN Chairperson, Advocate NotembaTjipueja in a media briefing here on Thursday.

Nampa reported last month that ECN is faultless in the recent voters' apathy that was recorded at the Ondangwa Urban Constituency by election.

Tjipueja said the ECN will continue to engage the public and disseminate accurate information on voters' registration and election related activities in order to encourage them to register as voters and participate in election.

Specific program have been devised to ensure inclusiveness through special campaigns, particularly in the young population. The ECN has recruited a total number of 94 youth ambassadors whose main objective is to reach out to the other youth in order to educate them about the importance of registering as voters and encourage them to participate in electoral activities, she said.

Indeed, voters education and civic education is one the core functions and legal mandate of the ECN, she said, adding that voters education and civic education are both an objective and tool for strengthening participatory democracy.

Furthermore, the ECN is implementing a communication strategy which includes almost all types of media depending on target group, she said.

Tjipueja said for the forthcoming national election process, the ECN has embarked on a broad based multi-sectoral coloration effort to ensure that the public is well educated on election matters.

She said ECN teamed up with Namibia Institute of Democracy, Hans Seidel Foundation (HSF) and Namibia Media Housing (NMH) to work on a voter and civic education for insert newspaper titled Refresh your Election Knowledge.

She said this insert contains essential information to guide the electorate in understanding the electoral processes and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens concerning election.

Source: Namibia Press Agency