Eddie Bowe Primary School wins annual school tournament at Khorixas

A total five primary schools took part in the annual Versteende Woud primary school team soccer tournament that was held on Saturday and Sunday at Khorixas.

The tournament that was won by Eddie Bowe primary school witnessed teams of, Abraham Gariseb, VWPS, THF Gaeb, and Frans Frederick competing at the Hebert Conradie stadium.

The winners Eddie Bowe P.S walked away with a total amount of N.dollars 1 800, second price winners Abraham Gariseb walked away with a cash price of N.dollars 1 000 while the third place winners VWPS pocketed an amount of N.dollars 800.

The tournament was played on league basis and some of the teams that were supposed to take part could not due to financial constraints, one of the main organisers Mickey Mahato said.

We are happy that at least one of the teams that are not based in Khorixas made it and that took part. It is regretful to say that most of the teams we expected did not come due to financial constraints. We are looking for sponsorship to assist some of the teams in future so that they come and play, he said.

He added that tournaments such as this are well attended only by learners from the school and there is little or no attendance by parents.

There are number of challenges that organiser face regarding organising a tournament of this magnitude.

A kid in sports is a kid out of court. Parents should support the tournament and come watch them children play. It is not always that money is needed to support your child. Coming to watch and see how your child plays is also enough, he said.

He added that currently the organiser could not secure funds to buy medallions for winning teams but managed to collect funds to award to the teams that have won.

The tournament is played on annual basis in Kunene region and a no top goal scored was recorded due to single number of goals that were scored by players during the tournament.