Education directorate to undertake outreach campaign in Hardap

The Directorate of Education in the Hardap Region will kick off its admission advocacy outreach programme on school enrolment on Monday in #Oan ||Ob, Auob and Nauklift circuits with all stakeholders in the region.

An advocacy committee was established from line ministries, regional education forum members and other stakeholders a fortnight ago.

A circular addressed to all regional education directors in August said they must start with awareness campaigns with the support of all stakeholders and that schools are encouraged to direct their respective admission campaigns to parents and communities via electronic and, or print media and new initiatives that can contribute to the effectiveness and success of the admission of learners for the 2021 academic year.

Hardap Director of Education, Gerhard Ndafenongo during a virtual meeting on Thursday said the relevant stakeholders will be visiting farms and settlements in the three circuits of #Oan ||Ob, Auob and Naukluft from Monday to Thursday.

The aim is to educate the community about the importance of education and the right of education for all and to assist them in obtaining national documents to enrol children in school, he said

#Oan ||Ob circuit, under the leadership of circuit inspector George Dax, will visit areas such as Tsumis, Groendraai, Karanas, Tsumis Agricultural College, Tsumis Park, !Usib and the town of Rehoboth and surrounding farms, while Auob circuit, under acting inspector Lawrence Moller, will visit Gochas, Hoachanas, Stampriet, Bernafay, Witkrans, Kriess, Amperbo, Asab, Vaaldam and surrounding areas.

The team of acting inspector Belvil Klein will visit Amalia, Grundorn, Soutputs, Gibeon, Huas Neu Haribes, Maltahöhe, Nawaseb, Rietoog, Klein Aub, Omomas, Schlip, as well as surrounding farms.

Source: Namibia Press Agency