EEFA holds farmers day and annual agri-show

True to the pledge of the new chairperson of the Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association (EEFA) to transform the association and return the Epukiro communal area, once a bastion of communal farming, to its former glory, a farmers day will take place this Thursday at the village of Otjiuarongo in Epukiro Constituency in the Omaheke Region.

Driving such efforts is none other than Katjinduu Tjahuha, the new chairperson of EEFA, who is adamant that it cannot be business as usual for EEFA and the Epukiro communal area, once leaders in farming in the communal farming league. This is one of the few farmers days in a long time which may be testimony that the new leadership of EEFA is not only about words but deeds as well.

Sniffing the wind of change that seems to be blowing within the ranks of EEFA and which seems also to be infectious among the communal farming community in the area, companies have also started to come on board with Agribank chipping in with N$2,500 and the animal fodder business of Tjiuezea based at Post 3 settlement, also known as Omauezonjanda, chipping in with N$5,000 to make the farmers day possible and ensure that those attending the day are kept refreshed to be able to listen attentively and absorb whatever would be transmitted to them by experts.

Among the experts expected at the day, and who have been confirmed to will attend, are from the Agribank of Namibia, Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) and Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco).

Farmers are to benefit from the presence of MBN at the farmers day especially in terms of the new requirements in marketing animals as the old cards and numbers will no longer be valid and farmers are required to apply for new cards.

The old cards will be phased out by October 1. Hence farmers are being advised to start applying for the new cards. In this regard MBN will be available at the farmers day to give farmers more information in this regard. Tjahuha informs that application forms for the new cards are available at EEFA offices.

Agribank will be explaining its requirements for loans, especially its new system of no collateral, which does not require collateral when farmers apply for loans. They include civil servants such as teachers and nurses and members of the uniformed forces like the police.

The farmers day will begin at half past seven in the morning.

Tjahuha advises farmers that only those able to follow the proceedings attend the day, and/or elderly farmers who may find it hard to follow the proceedings to bring along younger aides to help them follow the proceedings.

Not only this but those attending must bring along a pen and paper to be able to record the information imparted to them by experts, and take it along to their communities to share with them.

He says such days are rare and once in a while, thus it is a golden opportunity for farmers to attend it in their numbers.

The farmers day would be followed by the annual agricultural show on September 1-2 at the settlement of Post 3, Omauezonjanda. Tjahuha says they are ready for this premium event in the constituency, one of the pioneers of agricultural shows in the communal areas which this year is being held for the 24th time.

Already 150 big livestock have been registered for the show with the expectation being 170 big livestock while 100 small stock have so far been registered.

Agribank, Mobile Telecommunications (MTC), Tjiueza Enterprises and the First National Bank of Namibia (FNB Namibia), not to mention renowned farmer in the Eiseb communal area in the Otjombinde Constituency, Ukwamatis of reputable Kwamatsi business in Windhoek, are among those already on board in terms of sponsorship.

Meatco, MBN and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration would be offering their services at the show.

Home affairs would particularly be at the show to offer citizens national documents like IDs.

Tjahuha says there's already goodwill on the part of both businesses and farmers in terms of support for the show with some farmers even having contributed some of the trophies for awards.

Thus there is good expectation from the show this year in terms of success.

Not only this because of the above average rain that the area has received the last rainy season, from the average of 450mm � 500mm annually, to about 800mm the last rainy season, but the animals are also in a good condition and farmers had little to do in terms of preparing them for the show in terms of feeding them. The show is to be followed by a special day on the poison plant in the Post 3 settlement which will wind up with a practical session in the village of Oruvize, which is infested with the plant. Farmers would be introduced to how to treat and fight the plant, both theoretically and practically.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia