Eight charged at Nkurenkuru for disobeying lockdown regulations

 The Namibian police in the Kavango West Region charged eight people over the weekend for illegally selling alcohol and not adhering to stage two of the emergency lockdown regulations.

The Namibian Police Regional Commander for the region Commissioner Joseph at Abel told Nampa on Monday some of those charged had alcohol in their possession whilst others were caught buying and transporting for selling purposes.

‘ The other problem we have is the illegal entry into the country at the Namibia/Angola border,’ he said

The commissioner said the region is having problems with members of the community who constantly trying to exit or enter Nkurenkuru through the border.

These members of the community he said pretend to go fishing using their canoes to get into Angola.

‘ When they come back they come with alcohol that they try to smuggle into the country,’ he said.

The commissioner called on members of the community to adhere to the regulations adding that government wants what is best for them and that is curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Abel said another challenge relating to the emergency lockdown is public gatherings.

More than ten people he said are still gathering for funerals in the region.

He said over the weekend there was a funeral at Mpungu village which saw more than ten people gather at the event.

‘ We are advising members of the community to please desist from doing so,’ he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency