Eighteen teachers in Kavango dismissed over N.dollars 3 million scam

The close to 18 teachers from the Kavango East and West regions who were implicated in the N.dollar 3 million money scam in 2017 are now facing dismissal.

The Director of Education in the Kavango East Region Fanuel Kapapero confirmed with Nampa in an exclusive interview on Sunday that the decision to dismiss the teachers was taken by the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture handed over the case to the Rundu Police in 2017 in which an accountant allegedly made illegal payments into a number of teachers' bank accounts without authorisation.

She made these payments by using colleagues' passwords between 2013 and 2016.

The depositing of the stolen money into the teachers' bank accounts was being done under the pretense that they were receiving bonuses.

About 3 500 transactions were processed into various bank accounts from 2013 until September 2016.

We have started to give dismissal letters to some of the teachers already. Five teachers thus far have already been dismissed, the education director said.

He explained that two disciplinary hearings took place chaired by different education directors in the country.

Kapapero said at first the committee that was formed to handle this case recommended that the implicated teachers' pay the money back to the ministry.

However when this decision by the committee was forwarded to the Office of the Prime Minister they overruled the decision.

The Office of the Prime Minister the director said asked every teacher involved to write them a motivation letter why they thought the ministry should not dismiss them.

All teachers responded in writing however the Office of the Prime Minister still dismissed them, he pointed out.

According to Kapapero the Office of the Prime Minister said theft is theft whether that amount is less or more thus the teachers should go.

Meanwhile, the accountant already submitted her resignation in 2017 when the case was still at the investigation level.