Elliot Mbako calls on party members

Mbako made the call at a media briefing aimed to deter Swapo Party members, especially those with membership cards from aligning themselves with fellow members running as independent candidates at the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Mbako, however, could not explicitly indicate which part of the party constitutional provision bars party members from either aligning themselves with independent candidates or Swapo members running as independent candidates, when asked by journalists to specifically point out the part.

He said they were selling copies at N.dollars10, and that whoever wanted to understand should buy the copy and read for themselves, adding that Swapo also has a party school where laymen Swapo Party members are educated.

Mbako at the same time strongly advised all Swapo members to distance themselves from independent candidate agenda and avoid being misled by these candidates campaigning while wearing party colours and singing Swapo songs.

Source: Namibia Press Agency