Endjala blames detractors for malicious campaign

Outapi-Governor of Omusati Region Erginus Endjala says his detractors and enemies are attacking him through his dismissed driver.

But he warns that his former driver will become the laughing stock of the century when the day comes for him to disprove all the malicious allegations against him.

He accused his former driver, a cousin of his, of being reckless and soulless, challenging him to provide proof to the nation about what he has been hallucinating against the governor.

Endjala said he cannot remember having any conversation of people's affairs, nor their HIV status, with his former driver.

He was speaking at a press conference at Outapi on Thursday where he responded to the letter on social media written and signed by his dismissed driver.

He said being labelled as a tribalist by some people is a pity.

But I can assure those who believe in the principles of the (Swapo) party that the battle is not for me to fight � but God who appointed Hage (Geingob) will surely fight for him and none of his enemies will win this battle, he said.

He said none of his hairs would be lost because of all these unwarranted attacks, as the battle belongs to God and he will never lose any battle.

Not even have I told him my status, he is not my doctor, neither my biological brother. He is not worth to know of my life, his duties were to be a driver, just like any other employee, and he failed in his duties that led him to be fired.

Endjala said he chose a long time ago to die for this country and he is prepared to take the bullet for being loyal to President Geingob.

I will not trade my principles for anything that is not supported by my conscience. Critics never build anything constructive. I am unstoppable and I will not allow anyone, nor lies, accusations or intimidation to stand in my way.

Endjala said hatred would never take the nation anywhere and those who think the country belongs only to some people, or that only some people deserve second terms, must think again.

He urged people not to lose focus and allow tribalism, hatred and jealousy to control them.

He maintained that his conscience and hands are clean and that he never stole any public funds nor was he involved in any corruption.

Those who have that background know themselves and I can assure you history will repeat itself sooner or later. We can already see manifestation of those who have the background of the enemy of progress. He said his support for the current president is unconditional and nothing can convince him to change his mind.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia