Erindi for sale

WINDHOEK: Local private game reserve Erindi is on sale for N.dollars 1.3 billion.

The lodge is situated on the B1 road between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo, and comprises more than 70 000 hectares.

One of the two owners, Gert Joubert, said during a media conference here on Monday that ‘it is time to let go of the pristine wilderness’, and expressed hope that it will become the property of a Namibian citizen, even Government.

“It is a very emotional thing for me, but we have reached a point now to let go. I have done it, and my time is finished. I want to sleep in peace,” he noted.

The property is also available at N.dollars 20 000 per hectare.
Joubert said the sale of the property might be a ‘sensitive thing and the laughing stock for many Namibians’ because the owners had not made any return on their investment.

The world-renowned ranch was up for sale for about N.dollars 1.1 billion (US dollars 110 million) last year, and was even listed for sale on property website

Erindi was a cattle farm during the 1970s and 1980s, and was later converted into a hunting farm and a game reserve.

It has been in the Joubert family’s care for the past 30 years, with brothers Gert and Paul Joubert as owners.

Gert announced that the sale offers an opportunity for any Namibian to earn a commission of N.dollars 65 million as broker, agent or facilitator.

He said they would consider selling the property to Government to complete its portfolio of public game reserves in Namibia.
Gert said the 200 employees’ jobs at the lodge are secured.

An invitation to the media briefing indicated that the owners’ decision to sell was based on the fact that the development of Erindi as a successful private game reserve, including infrastructure, biodiversity, lodges and a national and international eco-tourist destination, had been achieved.

Another reason for selling was that the reserve needed to be developed to the next phase, where emphasis should be placed on upmarket international tourists.

Gert also suggested that Chinese tourists could be a niche market for the lodge.

The owners’ first choice would be a partnership with a large international tourism company.

Erindi’s website indicated that it is malaria-free, has over 10 000 animals and more than 310 bird species.

Its OtjiHerero name means “Place of Water”.