Erongo Council gets new chief

Nathalia /GoagosesThe Erongo Regional Council has a new boss, Nathalia /Goagoses, who comes from a background of education and training. The appointment was announced on Thursday.
/Goagoses started as head of the council at the beginning of this month. She is circumspect about her new role saying “you don’t come into a new environment and just jump in with your expectations.  I will engage with critical stakeholders, continue with consultations, study carefully the Erongo Regional Council resolutions taken and not forgetting the settlements and the constituency offices, proper visits might be undertaken as part of my familiarization exercise.”
To run the council efficiently she has set herself the immediate objective to finalize the Strategic Plan 2012-2017 and to ensure effective implementation of the three strategic themes namely, Socio-economic development, Operational efficiency and Good Governance in partnership with stakeholders.
29 years in public service, mostly in education and training with professional specialization in management and leadership groomed her to take the lead and steer the Erongo Region to even greater development heights. However, she says operational efficiency is one of the most important pillars of successful implementation of plans.
“Operational efficiency can only be realized if leaders create enabling and stimulating working environments to the staff members. Only a well-motivated staff member has proven to be most efficient and effective.  Therefore, my firm believe is that growth in the Erongo Regional Council would occur with each administrative staff member playing his or her role to its maximum potential.”