Evicted family want compensation for mortgage contribution

WINDHOEK A family that was evicted from a house by the new owner is crying foul, asking to be compensated for the money they spent towards the mortgage of the house since 2003. The Kashishumbulwa family slept outside the yard, camping at the front gate, hoping that there would be some form of relief.

The previous owner of the house Sheehama Amon Hashipala, it is alleged, was in a relationship with Rauna Kashishumbulwa for 15 years, and in 1993 had brought Kashishumbulwa into his house in Hakahana to assist with mortgage payment. Hashipala never lived in the house as he had accommodation provided by his employer. The Kashishumbulwa lived in the house with her children, none of whom where fathered with Hashipala.

Kashishumbulwa's children, who continued to live in the house until the eviction, are bitter that their mother spent so much money on the mortgage of the house until it was paid off, and they have considered it as their own, only to be evicted.

We have proof of payments from 1993 until the house was paid off, remarked one of the children Rauna Paulus who wants what is due to them before they leave the house.

Rauna is the namesake to her mother Kashishumbulwa.

Attempts to reach Hashipala for comment were not successful as an unidentified woman answered the cellphone saying Hashipala is not at home and did not know when he would return.

The new house owner Isak Haifete has been serving the family with eviction orders since September last year. A new eviction notice was issued again on March 7, 2018. Accompanied by the police, Haifete was this time successful in evicting Paulus from the house together her belongings. He also changed the locks.

When approached for comment Haifete referred all questions to his lawyer. When I bought the house there was no media present. And the person who called you [to the house] must give you answers, said an irritated Haifete.

Documents seen by New Era including a deed of transfer indicated that Haifete is the owner of the property and has approached his lawyers in the matter.

Paulus said it is painful after investing in the house all those years and not to be considered as owners. They had paid monthly instalments and arrears on the mortgage.

Paulus further said the mother, who has since moved to the north was at the time employed at the bakery and a part time kapana seller devotedly paid for the house until Paulus found employed in 2000. The family paid for the house until it was done in 2015 at the National Housing Enterprise (NHE). The family is in possession of receipts and NHE documents regarding the house. Paulus is demanding to be compensated for the years they paid for the house.

She said the family would need the money to start over again. In addition, Paulus is worried that the family have nowhere to go.

We do not have a place to live in. We have to start all over again. It is scary and disappointing if you see the housing situation in Namibia, it takes age to get an erven. I even enrolled myself at the municipality four years ago for erven but until now I am on the waiting list, stated Paulus.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia