Ex-Guard Acquitted of Murder

A FORMER security guard who was charged with murdering a colleague at Swakopmund at the end of 2011 was found not guilty in the Windhoek High Court on Friday.

In a verdict delivered by Judge Alfred Siboleka, former G4S Namibia guard Martin Angamba (43) was acquitted of murder – but found guilty on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, pointing of a firearm, and assault by threat.

Judge Siboleka found that Angamba’s testimony in his own defence during the trial remained undamaged despite thorough cross-examination by State aocate Ethel Ndlovu. He found that the version that Angamba placed before the court was reasonable, and that the court had no legal basis to reject it as false.

Angamba claimed he feared his life was in danger when he fired the shot that ended the life of a senior colleague, Andrew Molaletz (28), at Swakopmund during the early morning hours of 28 December 2011.

During his trial, which started in January this year, Angamba claimed he did not know that Molaletz was unarmed before he shot him. He said he thought Molaletz was reaching for a firearm when he made a sudden movement with his right hand, which he had under his jacket, as he approached Angamba during a confrontation in a street at the coastal town.

The court heard that Molaletz, who was employed as a supervisor with G4S Namibia, was summoned from his home during the early morning hours because of suspicions about Angamba’s state of sobriety while he was on duty.

Molaletz was upset when he found Angamba drinking with other people, the court heard. Angamba and Molaletz then left for the G4S offices in a vehicle driven by Angamba.

According to Angamba, Molaletz grabbed the steering wheel of the bakkie, nearly causing an accident, on the way, and also pulled the handbrake of the vehicle. When it came to a standstill, Molaletz got out of the bakkie, walked around its front and approached Angamba with his right hand underneath his jacket, Angamba testified.

He said he pulled out his pistol, aimed it at Molaletz and warned him to stop whatever he wanted to do. When Molaletz proceeded to make a quick movement with the hand that was underneath the jacket, Angamba fired a single fatal shot that struck Molaletz in the chest.

Angamba then drove to the G4S office, where he confronted a female employee, demanding to know from her why she had summoned Molaletz. In the process of that confrontation he pointed a firearm at her. The colleague managed to calm Angamba down after he had threatened her that he only needed to pull the trigger of the gun once for her to be dead.

Following the delivery of the verdict, Judge Siboleka is due to hear further arguments from Ndlovu and defence lawyer Titus Ipumbu from 2 February next year, before Angamba will be sentenced.

Angamba was on bail until last month, when his bail was withdrawn because he had failed to be present in court as required. He is now being kept in custody.

Source : The Namibian