Executioner Focused On ‘Disrespected’ Zimbabwean

Nestor Tobias on Thursday attempted to deflect attention from accusations of pre-fight maltreatment meted out against Zimbabwean boxer Brian Mwando by heaping praise on middleweight prospect Walter ‘The Executioner’ Kautondokwa.

Kautondokwa and Mwando will contest the main bout of the ‘Champions in the Making’ boxing bonanza at the Windhoek Country Club tomorrow night.

However, the Zimbabwean boxer’s camp accused the MTC Sunshine Academy of deliberately providing them with substandard accommodation and denying them access to a gym since arriving in Windhoek on Tuesday morning.

“There are some things you expect when you travel to another country for a professional fight. You expect to be treated in a certain way. I’m really not happy,” a visibly upset Mwando told reporters at the pre-fight press conference in Windhoek on Thursday.

“For starters, yesterday, we only took one meal. We don’t have a gym to train. They just dropped us there [unidentified bed and breakfast] and expect us to do things for ourselves,” he fumed.

“We should lose with a good reason and we should win with a good reason. I came here to fight and will fight. I enjoy fighting a lot, especially in the ring. I was born a fighter. This will not stop me from fighting,” Mwando said. “I don’t see respect for our camp. We are going to fight and I will give you my best on Saturday.”

His trainer Clyde Musunda added: “Last time we came here, we stayed at a different place. We didn’t complain because we were well received. But this time we are in a room where next door people are doing their prostitution,” he said. “We came here with a ‘Plan A and B’. Plan A did not materialise but we have Plan B. We came here to fight and that’s what we’ll do.”

With the credibility of his promotion on the line, Tobias responded by saying his establishment’s track record is second to none in Africa, and that Mwando’s camp was making excuses “when he loses”.

Tobias said that, despite their dissatisfaction, the Zimbabweans refused to relocate to a new base on Thursday.

According to Tobias, it is standard practise the world-over that the visiting camp requests for additional services if they require them.

“You must ask. We don’t know what you want. I’ve been in boxing for long and everywhere we go, we ask for a gym or other things we need,” Tobias said

“Where we usually book them into was fully booked and this place is not like that [as alleged].

“Whether we book them into the presidential suite, it will not change the result on Saturday because we are talking about the ‘Executioner’. He always delivers,” he added.

On his part, the soft-spoken knock-out specialist Kautondokwa said he was only concerned with events in the ring and that supporters should “come to the fight on Saturday and I will give you what you like”.

The main supporting bout is a bantamweight fight between Johannes ‘Baluka’ Simon and Irvin Kaunampito over six rounds.

In another highly anticipated fight, Mike ‘Silent Assassin’ Shonena will take on Immanuel Mungandjela in a welterweight fight over six rounds.

The gates open at 18h30 and the first bout will start at 19h00. Tickets cost N$100 for general seats and N$10 000 for a table seating 10 guests with snacks, refreshments and wine.

Source : The Namibian