Exit Drops Next Album

One of Namibia’s much-acclaimed Kwaito singer, David Shikalepo, popularly known as Exit, dropped his fifth album titled I am The Truth, on Wednesday.

Exit says he named his album I am the Truth simply because he know he is the best and his fans has proven that to him for the past years. This 18-track album consists of different music genres and features different artists whom Exit for now keeps as pleasant surprise to his fans. “I have a countrywide fan base that consists of different people with different tastes in music. I tend to play around with most of the genres I am comfortable with, so I can be able to cater for everyone, though I am still comfortable with my King of Kwaito status that I live up to everyday,” says Exit.

He adds that he spent ten months working on the new album, followed by the notable success of his previous album, Go Hard or Go Home, released last year. “The new album expresses growth and pure maturity. It’s not a personal album, I have concentrated more on the development of my generation at large through the wires of the microphone. I have expressed the intellectual capabilities that I possess for the better education of the massive fan base,” says Exit adding that he was inspired by the international legends like Brenda Fassie and the late Lucky Dube.

“We take it from track 1 until you put the whole CD on repeat. That is what you should expect from Exit’s new album. On this album I am also giving out a message of hope and inspiration. I am telling the child who believes and looks up to never give in on life and everything is possible,” he says.

The album will however include the song such as Killer All Stars and I am the Truth. The album will officially be launch in October.

Source : New Era