Expert testifies in municipal employee murder trial

An expert from National Forensic Science Institute has told the court on Tuesday that they collected about 15 blood stains from rocks, stones and cigarettes buds at the crime scene for evidence in Goreangab area where municipal worker Peter Muleke was found dead.

TuyeimoNakalemo was testifying before High Court Judge Johanna Salionga in a trial in which six people were arrested in connection with the circumstances that led to the death of Windhoek municipal worker Muleke.

The 36-year-old Muleke's body was found in the Goreangab Dam area in Katutura in 2015.

Nakalemo said she was called on 01 April 2005 by the Namibian Police Force to go and collect evidence of murder case from the crime scene at the Goreangab Dam area.

She further added that she collected blood stained from rocks, stones while a colleague took images or photographs.

She also noted that the evidence collected was closed in the secured bags and was given to the police investigation officers to deliver it at the National Forensic science institute for booking in and administration purposes.

I was assigned by my supervisor to take the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) analysis for this particular case for extraction, quantification, amplifying and interpretation for the report she said.

She also added that the evidence was not contaminated as the DNA analysis could have picked it up in the results.

The accused are Muleke's wife AnnastaciaLubinda, 33, David LikandoMatali, 45, Dave Kondjera, 32, AbiudUazeua, 35, Donald Hindjou, 26, and the 27-year-old DollamTjitjahuma appeared before Windheok High court Judge Johanna Salionga located at the premises of the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility

Earlier media reports have it that the 36-year-old Muleke's body was found lying a few metres from his abandoned car in April 2015.

Police found evidence which strongly suggests that the wife of the deceased was involved in the murder.

The six accused are represented by defence lawyers, Milton Engelbrecht, NatjiTjivera, Tuna Nhinda, MeriamKenaruzo and MbangaSiyomunyi.

The State is represented by Marthino Olivier.

Trial continues on Wednesday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency