FabLab sparks innovation in company

Fabrication Laboratory Namibia (FabLab) says it has sparked an atmosphere of innovation in many companies that it has worked with. Most recently, electronics and software engineering services company, Simpology joined the elect group of private sector companies to benefit from FabLab’s   ‘Think it , Make it!’ concept of product development.
Sales Executive at Simpology, Leandi du Plessis said that working with FabLab has indeed had a positive impact on their company, “We got a clear and informed idea as how we can create and launch a new product and also what to look out for and what troubles to avoid when it comes to branding of services” she said.
According to FabLab there is a huge gap in labelling and packaging in Namibia’s SME sector, so it is their intention to procure a host of machines and other equipment needed to manufacture  prototypes of almost any product . These will include laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers, sewing and embroidery machines and other ancillary electronics. The first prototyping machines will arrive at FabLab this February followed by staff training in March. Practical workshops for SMEs that completed theoretical modules last year will start in April.