Family distraught over missing daughter

Windhoek-A 40-year-old father is appealing to his teenage daughter who has been missing for almost two months to return home. The father, Erastus Gebhardt, said his mother who raised his daughter, Erica Winnie Gebhardt, while he was overseas, is getting very worried, hence his asking her to return home.

However, Gebhardt stated his daughter left a note warning the family not to publish her name in the media, or report her as missing to the police, or else she would kill herself.

Don't put my things in the newspaper, NBC or police or I will kill myself, wrote the girl.

According to the police report, Erica went missing from Erf 6060, Lazarus Street in Wambo location on June 5. She was last seen in the vicinity of Havana.

Erica is black in complexion, of average build and has short black hair. Erica is Oshiwambo-speaking but is also fluent in English and Afrikaans.

The police are calling on Erica or anyone who has information regarding her whereabouts to contact her father Erastus Gebhardt on 081-3701099, or report to the nearest police station.

According to her father Erica dropped out of school in Grade 8 during the first term.

She told us her school bag was snatched from her but it was making excuses, stated the father who repeated that they want her back home.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia