Farmers invited to mass meeting on land

Windhoek-As the clock starts counting down towards the Second National Land Conference, which has been slated for the week of September, it seems various stakeholders are slowly and eventually getting out of their slumber to start preparing their various constituencies for this all important land indaba.

One of those lately joining the growing chorus of mobilisers mobilising their communities of the landless and interested in the land question, is the chairperson of Ongombe Farmers Association and chief organiser of the annual Okamatapati Show Albert Tjihero, who is calling everyone with a vested interest in the land question to a brainstorming meeting at the English Primary School in Katutura in Windhoek at 14h00 on Saturday.

Tjihero says he is aware of the meetings which have been taking place lately, but which have been disjointed and scattered, according to the various interests groups; hence, the need for a mass meeting irrespective of political, traditional or regional affiliation.

He says the meeting is particularly for those interested in farming, because farming cannot take place without land. Hence, both farmers and aspiring farmers must take keen interest in the envisaged second national land conference.

He says eminent people within the community are expected at the meeting to lead it by elucidating to those in attendance key points that they should take to the land conference.

Meanwhile, Swanu of Namibia has also scheduled a meeting next Monday, August 21, at the UN Plaza in Windhoek's residential area of Katutura, where the land question is also expected to come under the microscope in anticipation of the mooted second national land conference.

Only two weeks ago the Zeraeua Traditional Authority convened a meeting in the Omatjete communal areas of Daures Constituency for the same purpose of crystalising its position on the land question before the said conference.

Similarly the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority under Kilus Nguvauva has just emerged this weekend from a similar two-day indaba at its traditional seat of Omimbonde Vitano at Omauezonjanda in the Epukiro Constituency.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia