Farmers to benefit from HWC payments at Doro !Nawas

Total number of 142 livestock farmers, farming in the Doro !Nawas Conservancy will be benefitting from the Human Wildlife Conflicts (HWC) beneficiaries payments.

The conservancy has availed a total amount of N.dollars 144 250 for farmers that lost livestock through HWC in the area, Chairperson of the conservancy, Gerson Namiseb has told Nampa upon inquiry here, today.

Payments that will be made are only for 2012 and 2013 claimants. There is now a different committee. The payments could not be made because of unknown issues only known by the previous committee, he said.

Namiseb added that the committee still considers when the next payments will be made after it has worked on the budget for the coming financial year.

The conservancy has initially set aside a total amount of N.dollars 180 000 but only N.dollars 44 250 will be used for the currently payouts and the remaining amount will go back to the conservancy coffers in order to be utilised 2014 and 2015 beneficiary payments.

Names of beneficiaries availed to Nampa indicates 73 beneficiaries payments will be made for 2012 while 73 payments will be made for 2013 respectively.

State professionals on HWC trained, the committee and the conservancy took the initiative to payout the farmers.

These payments will be from our coffers, we have to meet the government half way. Ones we have made the payments to the claimants, we will get whatever the government avails to us because the country is under economic pressure as we all are aware, he said.

Namiseb added that the conservancy also creates income from some activities such as the Lodged that belongs to the conservancy.

Furthermore, the conservancy has not started with paying out beneficiaries that lost their loved ones through HWC but will also do so when funds are available.

In cases we encounter loss of life due to HWC, we assist in any way we can such as a certain amount of funds that could be used for purchasing caskets and food, said Namiseb.

Source: Namibia Press Agency