Feel unique – wear screaming socks

The Down Syndrome Association of Namibia (DSAN) will celebrate “World Down Syndrome Day” on 18 March. Although the day is celebrated internationally on 21 March, the local Down Syndrome Association have decided to celebrate the day earlier due to the Independence Day celebration.
In support of Down Syndrome, an international campaign asks people to wear socks of different pairs on this specific day to show their solidarity with the cause to improve the lives of Down Syndrome individuals.”To raise awareness about Down Syndrome internationally, relatives, friends, caretakers and supporters of people with this disorder will wear lots of different socks in support of World Down Syndrome Day 2013” said Dr Eline van der Linden, a founding member of the Down Syndrome Association of Namibia, and mother to a child with Down Syndrome.
“Down Syndrome International, a UK based charity organization, initiated the idea for 2013 for all of us to wear different socks to celebrate the extra chromosomes that make people with Down Syndrome unique. People all over the world will celebrate being different by wearing brightly coloured, striped, dotted, mismatched socks. Join DSAN by pulling up your special socks on World Down Syndrome Day in Namibia,” she said.