FIFA welcomes Supreme Court decision to reject NPL’s appeal

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), has welcomed the Supreme Court of Namibia decision to throw out the Namibia Premier League (NPL) case against the Namibia Football Association (NFA) from its court.

This statement comes two days after the NPL appeal against last year's High Court ruling in favour of the FIFA Normalisation Committee at the NFA, was thrown out with costs on Wednesday.

The persistent and continuous disregard of the Normalisation Committee (NC) directive by the NPL led to the suspension of the NPL on 02 October 2019.

Several attempts were then made by the NPL to try and get the suspension reversed by the NC, all of which proved fruitless, leading to the league approaching the High Court on an urgent basis.

A full bench of Supreme Court judges of appeal comprising Elton Hoff, Dave Smuts and Theo Frank heard the appeal in Windhoek on 05 February 2020 and reached the conclusion that ordinary courts cannot be involved in football matters.

In a statement resealed by FIFA on Friday stated that FIFA welcomes the decision by the Supreme Court of Namibia to dismiss the recent case submitted by the NPL regarding the future structure of league football in Namibia.

Of note, the judgement acknowledges the extensive consultation process that has been undertaken over recent months by the current Normalisation Committee in place involving the NPL and football stakeholders in the country, which aimed to find a compromise to the current situation that has unfortunately led to limited professional football being played in Namibia's lower leagues this season, read the statement.

The statement added that following the decision of the Supreme Court, FIFA � together with the appointed Normalisation Committee � will continue to work with football stakeholders in the country, including the NPL and the new NFA Executive Committee once appointed, in order to ensure players and teams are given the right opportunities to play at the highest level of Namibian football.

Source: Namibia Press Agency