Fifty-five new Peace Corps volunteers from US arriving in Namibia to help country strengthen its education sector

WINDHOEK: Fifty-five new Peace Corps volunteers from the United States of America are arriving in Namibia on Sunday to help the country strengthen its education sector.

A media statement issued by the United States Embassy in Windhoek on Thursday said the assistance offered in this regard will assist the country to build its capacity to meet the needs of its people.

The statement said volunteers will be assigned to all 14 regions across Namibia and each volunteer works within a community alongside Namibian counterparts.

The first group of 14 volunteers arrived in Namibia on 09 September 1990, less than six months after the country gained its independence.

The primary role of these early volunteers was to teach English, in support of the new government’s declaration of English as the country’s official language.

Classroom teachers also assisted in the transition from Afrikaans to English as the language of instruction in upper primary and secondary schools.

Today, about 120 volunteers work as primary and secondary school teachers, resource teachers, community health volunteers and small business volunteers.