Film Review – Jack The Giant Slayer

Venue: Cine 1, Ster-Kinekor, Maerua Mall
Film: Jack the Giant Slayer
Director: Bryan Singer
Screenplay: Darren Lemke; Christopher McQuarrie
Players:  Nicholas Hoult;  Stanley Tucci; Ewan McGregor; Ian McShane; Eleanor Tomlinson; Bill Nighy
Genre: fantasy; children’s story
Rating: **½

Once upon a time, children’s stories were simple affairs, set in a romantic milieu which exhibited the very best of a medieval world, with Nature resplendent in scenes of rolling hills topped with vast pine forests and verdant green pastures. The plotlines were also straightforward: conflict was between the forces of good and evil. The heroes and heroines were usually of humble birth, whose goodness ennobled them and usually propelled them upwards into the aristocracy or the monarchy by the end of the story.  The villains committed horrible deeds and died equally horrible deaths.
There has been a rush of cinematic re-creations of nursery-school stories in the past couple of years. Clever directors have harnessed witty scripts, directed at adults as well as children, with impressive special effects to re-create ‘magical’ deeds and supernatural beings. Some have proved entertaining for the aesthetic brilliance of the special effects alone.