Financial disclaimer reports of regional councils and local authorities worrisome: NIPAM

Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM), Executive Director Maria Nangolo said, the ongoing financial disclaimer report in some Regional Councils and Local authorities is worrisome in achieving the goal to accountability.

Nangolo made these remarks in a statement she issued on Friday that, NIPAM will be hosting a Regional Council and Local Authorities Internal Auditors Conference from Monday 01 to Wednesday 03 October, where over one hundred Governors, Regional councils and administrators within the regional and local government are expected to attend.

She said, the conference is aimed at capacitating internal auditors across the public service sector and serve as a foundation for establishing a public sector forum for internal auditors and it is also expected to identify auditing best practice issues, making recommendations to the appropriate standard-setting boards to review issues needed.

While providing fresh insight on the evolving role of an internal auditing and sharing new ideas, best practices, international standards and recent trends besides the emerging challenges in the internal auditing function, said Nangolo.

She added that this comes at a time when most institutions within the public sector are receiving qualified and disclaimer opinions from the Auditor General, which has reported that about 24 local authorities had failed to submit financial statements over the past three years.

If the internal audit function is existent and if it operates within the set standards, we as NIPAM believe there will be no qualified opinions, we hope this conference provides internal auditors with guidance and capacity to deliver before the external audit reporting of their institutions and organisations, said Nangolo.

Source: Namibia Press Agency