First early childhood and development intervention centre to be constructed

In an effort to be more inclusive the Khomas education directorate is constructing its first early childhood and development invention centre and pre primary classrooms at Nise-School for Hearing Impaired announced Regional Director Gerard Vries.

Speaking at the second Principle's conference here on Thursday, Vries said they are busy planning to construct pre primary classrooms for the visually impaired at MAreson School as well as Dagbreek School.

The conference is held to for the engagement of heads of schools and stakeholders such as the University of Namibia (UNAM) and Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) to discuss the position of the education sector amidst both financial and academic challenges.

He said the Windhoek Technical High School will be renovated to ensure it is on par to foot with technical subjects to the region.

I can report that a request for quotations will appear shortly for the renovation of the Windhoek Technical High School workshops and to refocus efforts to vocational schools in this domain, Vries said.

Lecturers from UNAM, NUST and the International University of Management (IUM) have been teaching at different schools in an effort to assist with burden science and mathematics teachers face.

He further noted that the schools in this region have been faced with social issues and mentioned the ways they are working through it

In an attempt to mitigate through the drug and substance abuse of school learners, unannounced searches will continue to be conducted without this year in schools in Khomas Region in collaboration with the Namibia Police Force.

A local daily last week reported that police presence has increased at Delta Secondary School Windhoek (DSSW) after pupils were found with significant amounts of drugs, alcohol and knives on school premises as well as two People's Primary School pupils aged nine and 11 were found in possession of drugs.

The Director also pointed out that disciplinary processes are in motion to oust any staff member accused of teacher-learner intimate relationships and as of recently warning letters were issued to staff members who were suspected and in one or two cases people were ousted from their professions.

The two-day conference started on Thursday and hosts principles from the Khomas Region.

Source: Namibia Press Agency