FirstRand Namibia Foundation donates N$1 million to drought relief

WINDHOEK - FNB Namibia, through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust, last week donated N$1 million to the Dare to Care fund, which alleviates the plight of drought-stricken farmers.

Clara Bohitile, chairperson of the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust, said it is vital for everyone to play their part in assisting where possible, so that the country can survive this crisis. Many Namibians are all too aware of the effects of severe water shortages and the reality of drought. We believe that as a responsible corporate we have a duty to the environmental implications of our operations and to ensure that their impact on the country, its people and the natural resources, is minimised, so that future generations can enjoy them as well. As a corporate we want to partner with the government and initiatives like Dare to Care, to seek solutions to our nation's greatest challenges, and to play our role in providing assistance where needed.

The staff at Wesbank handed over an additional amount of N$2 000. The Dare to Care fund has also become a recipient on the FNB Happiness Store, where anyone can contribute an amount that suits their pocket.

Okakarara mayor Veundjua Kamutuezu thanked the agricultural and private sector for heeding the call of the government:

The joint effort by the agricultural and private sector under the Dare to Care umbrella has taken an important step to assist farmers by making certain feeds more affordable through subsidisation.

Chief executive officer of the Okakarara Town Council, Ehnrst Katjiku, also applauded the gesture and requested farmers to be open and honest in their requests for subsidised feed and to ensure that no corrupt activities would derail this great initiative.

Farmers like Godfriedine Muniazo and Gerson Muniazo expressed their gratitude for the project and advised that it was a huge relief, as they could now feed their livestock and try and save as many as possible. This is a huge relief. This year's drought has hit the village I come from very hard, Muniazo said.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia