Fishing moratorium lifted in Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO - The fishing season that was closed in December to allow the sustainability and stability of fishery resources was lifted in the Zambezi Region on Friday.

Fish had become relatively scarce in the Zambezi Region in recent years because several of its rivers and lakes have been economically overfished by boatloads of foreign fishermen.

Some fishmongers had even resorted to buying fish from Zambia, reportedly from a farmer who has several commercial fishponds. However, this farmed fish is not favoured by locals, on grounds it is expensive and is not as tasty as the bream fished from the rivers and inland lakes.

Recently, Lake Lyambezi which use to supply most fish in the region has been unable to do so, and most of the fish is now coming from flood prone areas of Nakabolelwa, Ivilivinzi and NaAombe in the Kabbe South Constituency. However with flood expected to be less and the looming drought, some believe this might also affect the availability of fish.

Speaking to New Era, the councillor of Kabbe South Constituency, John Likando stated that, it might not be the case and with the breeding season over, more fish can still be caught in some inland rivers and streams located in the region.

It could be that fish might not go out of the rivers into the plains to be caught easily, but people can still catch fish in the rivers, it is only that there is no proper control when it comes to fishing methods, as our fish guards do not normally reach in some areas, said Likando.

When New Era visited the Katima Mulilo Open Market yesterday, there was an abundance of fish at the market, with prizes as low as N$5 but when demand perks, fish can cost as much as N$80 or even N$100 per bream. Though fresh fish is the favourite among locals, there is also the option of sun-dried fish that is much cheaper.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia