FNB available at NUST and UNAM registration

Windhoek-FNB Namibia has confirmed that they will be available at NUST and UNAM during registration and orientation to offer students account openings of student loans while also educating them about cell phone banking and the many advantages thereof. Elzita Beukes, Communications Manager at FNB Holdings: We have been part of this registration process for many years and know that we offer young Namibians the best there is, in terms of products and services. The uptake and enthusiasm by the students has always been great and I am sure that this year will be no exception.

Beukes added that social progression, one of the pillars of the Harambee Prosperity Plan could only be achieved if Namibians are given a fair chance at education. At FNB Namibia we firmly believe that everyone deserves an education and unaffordability should not be one of the factors holding young Namibians back. Our FNB Namibia Foundation Trust gives the greatest portion of funds to education and financial literacy, as well as skills and capacity development. Our brand promise of HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? continues to position FNB as a helpful, value-adding partner to wide-ranging individual and national goals � including our youngsters and students.

The uptake thus far has been positive and students were delighted with the offer by FNB Namibia. Said Leley Libuku: Today, I opened an FNB account and the process was smooth. The consultants were very polite and they gave me all the help I needed. Kamati Lenen: I registered for Online Banking with FNB on 20 January 2017 and it was a great experience meeting the assistants. They provided all information that I needed and to my surprise they were patient and polite regardless of the questions I asked. Thank you FNB! Tazarugwa Chimhangwa: Best customer service. Easy, fast and study friendly.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia