FNB streamlines customer queries

FNB Namibia's Customer CARE system has been up and running for almost 10 months and has been a great opportunity for the bank to streamline the logging and management of customer compliments, complaints and queries.

In May and June this year, for example, FNB Namibia's CARE system logged 1 197 queries, 234 complaints and 17 compliments.

According to Linda Shininge, National Service Manager, Points of Presence at FNB Namibia, Queries are by far the most we receive via CARE and frequently asked questions range from minimum deposits at the bulk teller; card replacement fees; exchange rates at ATM's for foreign customers; qualifying criteria for home loans and general queries on eWallet and the FNB App.

She added that the bank was pleased to note that complaints were not that many with a few compliments as well.

We thank our valued customers for all their feedback and encourage everyone to keep on asking for advice, telling us where we might be going wrong and, of course, complimenting our great employees. We need your input to ensure that we take customer service to the next level at FNB Namibia, she says. With built-in resolution time expectations, most queries, issues and compliments logged (up to 75 percent on average) are responded to satisfactorily within six days, with some detailed engagements requiring longer resolution time as agreed to by customers when they sign on with any product or service. Customers can access the customer feedback system CARE via the FNB Namibia website at any time but are also welcome to come in see and us in person in branch, where they can log their requests at an online cubicle or voice their concern face-to-face with a consultant, Linda says.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia