Food Bank launched in Oshikoto Region

The Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Zephania Kameeta launched a food distribution program on Wednesday in Tsumeb.

In his speech, the minister said that the government remains committed to the maintenance of the well-being of the Namibian people as enshrined in the constitution.

Kameeta added that the government through all its development vehicles such as NDP5, Harambee Prosperity Plan, The Blueprint on Poverty Eradication and Wealth Redistribution is committed to the implementation of sustainable development programs and initiatives.

These will ensure that the ministry attains prosperity for all Namibians, he said.

However, the minister argued that while education is seen as the ultimate solution to poverty eradication, if there are no equal opportunities for all, education will be evasive in improving the situation of the poor.

In fact, there is a direct link between low educational performance and malnourished children, emphasised Kameeta.

According to the minister, fighting poverty is fundamentally about promoting human rights, dignity and social justice thereby ensuring that people have access to food, water, shelter, clothing and other social basic services.

The minister also called on society including food bank beneficiaries to join efforts and hands with the Government in rooting out abject poverty in the country.

Let us use the conducive socio-economic environment provided by our President and administration, not to fight each other, but to improve our living conditions and that of our fellow citizens, concluded Kameeta.