Former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia member calls on the youth

Former People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) member in the Otjozondjupa Region has called on the youth in the country to be proud and develop the desire in attending national liberation struggle events.

BartholomeusShangheta yesterday in an interview with Nampa expressed concern that young people seem to have little desire in attending such events through which they could learn how the country was liberated from the yoke of colonialism by the South African apartheid regime.

He said the history of the Namibian liberation struggle is very interesting and therefore needs to be taught in schools while suggesting that it should be made compulsory for young people to attend and commemorate national days such as the independence, cassinga and Heroes' Days.

The youth should also be taught to respect their war veterans, of which many are disabled today due to the wars in which they fought to liberate this country from the apartheid administration, he added, saying the peace which is prevailing currently in the country was gained through those sacrifices.

Namibians must not to take the peace they enjoy for granted and must gather on 26 August each year to remember those heroes and heroines whose blood waters their freedoms, he advised.

Source: Namibia Press Agency