Four robbery suspects arrested in Rundu

Four suspects were arrested on Monday after they allegedly robbed an employee of Oceano Antlantico Woerman Brock Supermarket in Rundu of more than N.dollars 100 000 and a mobile phone.

Namibian Police Force Crime Investigations Coordinator in Kavango East, Deputy Commissioner Bonifasius Kanyetu said the incident occurred around 12h15 on Monday when five suspects confronted and threatened an employee of the supermarket with knives while he was busy collecting money at the various supermarkets of Oceano Atlantico, a supermarket which also trades under the Woermann Brock franchise.

Kanyetu on Tuesday said the employee who is the complainant in the matter was busy collecting money for banking purposes.

“He started from the supermarket to Fish market and then to New World Pub. He then went to the bank,” said Kanyetu.

After returning from the bank, the manager went to Oceano Atlantico Woermann Brock Supermarket in town where he collected a cash box and was robbed thereafter at knifepoint.

The box containing N.dollars 144 657 and mobile phone valued at N.dollars 6 000 were taken.

Kanyetu said N.dollars 78 362.30 and the mobile phone were recovered.

“Four knives, their clothes, and a white Volkswagen Polo sedan used as a getaway vehicle during the commission of the crime were seized,” said the crime investigations coordinator, noting that one of the suspects who is known to the police managed to flee.

The suspects are detained at the Rundu Police Station holding cells and they are expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency