Four students win civil lawsuit against NamPol

Four students who filed a combined N.dollars 800 000 lawsuit against the Namibian Police (Nampol) Force and the Ministry of Safety and Security, have emerged victorious.

The four students- Jesaya Katambo, Iyaloo Ndafika Fillemon, Tuhafeni Kalola and Paulus Amukoto- filed their successful lawsuit before the Windhoek High Court during 2019 after they were assaulted by members of NamPol during a peaceful demonstration that took place in Windhoek on 08 August 2018.

In a judgement handed down by High Court Judge Collins Parker on Tuesday, both NamPol's Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga and Safety and Security Minister Charles Namoloh were ordered and directed by the Court to pay each of the four students an amount of N.dollars 200 000.

In addition, NamPol and the Safety and Security Ministry were ordered and directed to foot the legal bills (costs) of the four students' legal representation team.

In the matter, the four students took part in a peaceful demonstration on 08 August 2018, which began from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) main campus' entrance to the Ministry of of Higher Education at Government Offices Park.

The demonstration was organised by the leaders of the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) in connection with the alleged non-payment of student fees by the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) at the time.

In their successful lawsuit, the four students claimed that they had suffered abuse at the hands of the police and as a result of the assaults by NamPol members.

Furthermore, medical records presented before court by the four students showed that they had sustained wounds, body aches and muscle pain.

Windhoek-based defence lawyer Henry Shimutwikeni represented the four students.

Source: Namibia Press Agency