Fragile, Free, Curious, Warm and Expansive – Acoustic Tonetic

Singer and songwriter Tonetic returns to the FNCC’s Acoustic Friday Concert to present his debut Album ‘Tones Of Red’.“I describe my music as Fragile, Free, Curious, Warm and Expansive and categorize it as secretive and shy with the qualities of an intimate friendship”, are the words of Steffen List better known as Tonetic who releases his self-produced solo album ‘Tones of Red’ at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) this Friday 15 February.
Tonetic’s songs are populated with a fusion of genres such as rock, pop, classic, jazz and African,  that does not follow musical traditions and clichés too closely. It is the sonic collision of deep blues, raging reds and soft whites.
The artist’s singing days started when he was a teenager doing background and sometimes lead vocals in various bands. Then in 2007, he started experimenting more seriously with the art of recording and spent countless nights, weeks and months trying to grasp what people really hear.