Freyer Attends Swiss Training Camp

Team KIA Namibia rider Martin Freyer has just returned from a two-week training camp at the International World Cycling (UCI) Centre in Aigle, Switzerland.

Freyer described the time in Europe as an “experience of a life time,” which helped “broadened my knowledge about basic skills and gave me the experience I need to try and improve the skills of fellow riders in Namibia.”

Freyer’s trip came about after the UCI asked the Namibian Cycling Federation (NCF) if they had a mountain bike cyclist that would like to attend the course, upon which the NCF chose the Windhoek-based athlete to go.

The training camp included three main training types: Classroom sessions, field training and technical training rides.

The classroom sessions were set up mostly to analyse footage of the riders themselves and discuss their techniques. They also included teaching race-day preparation, training plans, goal setting and benchmarking, as well as analysing world class riders.

Field training consisted of setting up skills courses, practising the pump-track, their race-starts and slow speed skills. Each day also included a training ride. Here the participants applied and discussed methods learnt on the field towards real race situations and technical trails.

On the last weekend, Freyer had the privilege of participating in a “small” regional race. This, being his first European race, gave him a lot of experience and insight about racing abroad. Freyer said he hoped to spend some more time in Europe next year to broaden this experience.

After his final school exam on 7 October, Freyer would like to hold a workshop with different levels for children, beginners and aanced riders. He gly believes that teaching the younger generation of cyclists should be his priority as this is Namibia’s most promising category.

Freyer also thanked the NCF and Air Namibia for their support.

Source : The Namibian