Frieda Ndatipo to be laid to rest on Saturday

WINDHOEK: The “struggle kid” killed by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) last week, will be laid to rest on Saturday at her home village east of Okongo in the Ohangwena Region.

Frieda Ndatipo, 26, a mother of three children, died on the spot after a scuffle broke out between NamPol and a group of “Children of the Liberation Struggle”. The youths threw stones and the police retaliated with gunshots, one fatally hitting Ndatipo.

Kaptein Erastus, the spokesperson of the group, told Nampa on Wednesday that he does not have details about where exactly the funeral will take place.

He said they will not be attending the funeral, as they do not have the means to travel up North.

“Everyone is feeling upset here, and we are not sleeping during the night. We all dream of the event, we are all crying,” he said, before stating that they have ‘put’ themselves in their parents’ shoes and the struggle will continue.

Erastus said their parents who died in exile, did not surrender – they managed to liberate this country – and the same now apply to them.

“We will continue until everyone is out of this camp after being employed by Government,” stressed the spokesperson.

Erastus demanded that Ndatipo’s three children should now be taken care of by the government.

Asked about the incident when five members of his group allegedly freed an arrested colleague from the Katutura Police Station, Erastus said the police are just creating stories.

“Where were they (police)? How can someone just go in and free someone from the holding cells?” he questioned.

The five who succeed in freeing their colleague were in the meantime, arrested, appeared before court on Monday, and were denied bail.

They are Titus Iita, 31; Martin Shikongo, 33; Teobard Kahala, 32; Toivo Mwatile, 29; and John Shikenga, 30.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere was sombre at the camp along Hereford Street on the northern outskirts of the capital, where many ‘struggle kids’ are residing.

A small group of ‘struggle kids’ were rehearsing hymns and Bible Psalms to sing and recite during Ndatipo’s memorial service, set to take place in Windhoek on Wednesday afternoon.