GBV offenders should be denied parole: Manombe-Ncube

WINDHOEK: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality and Family Affairs says people who are convicted of gender-based violence offences should be denied parole.

The chairperson of the Standing Committee, Alexia Manombe-Ncube said during a media briefing here on Tuesday that it is necessary to amend laws not only in respect of providing stiffer sentences, but also to tighten the requirements for bail in cases of GBV.

“We should strengthen our laws. It is our duty to protect our people, and to deter offenders and future offenders from committing these atrocious and barbaric crimes,” she stressed.

She added that the committee appreciates the national day of prayer initiated by President Hifikepunye Pohamba. This was observed countrywide last Thursday, and saw people turn up in their thousands.

“This shows the commitment and interest the society at large has in curbing gender-based violence,” the MP said.

Manombe-Ncube further urged the Ministry of Education to ensure that the curricula of schools include aspects of educating the youth on GBV, as well as to introduce programmes on anger management.

The assumption is that exposing children to non-violent alternatives and providing them with conflict-resolution and anger management skills, alongside respect for others and tolerance for diversity, will prevent violent behaviour in adults.

Parents, she added, should also play their role and teach their children respect for themselves and for others.