GBV will not end without the involvement of everyone: Sioka

Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Doreen Sioka said, political leaders should not just steal votes, but should get involved in the fight against gender based violence because it won't end without the involvement of everyone.

Sioka made these remarks on Monday during the ministry's staff meeting for 2020 which took place at Namibia Children's Home in Eros.

She said that the ministry and the country at large is facing huge challenges of addressing Gender Based Violence (GBV), because women and children as well some men and young boys are facing abuse on a daily basis and there is no sign for violence to end any time soon as it is being recorded almost every day.

She then said, for GBV to end, everybody should be involved in the fight including politicians from every political part, and they should not just go the communities when they want votes but they should also go there to address social challenges especial GBV.

GBV cannot end without the involvement of everybody, we all need to fight this evil practices including politicians, they should not go to the communities to steal votes but they should also address GBV. Young women are losing their lives and children are becoming orphans, I thus call up on all Namibians to get involved in the fight against GBV said Sioka.

She added that there is a fear among some men who don't want see women progressing above them because they fear women will take over and rule them, thus some men wants wipe out women and it should be condemned in the strongest term.

Sioka further added that she always gets angry when she is reading newspapers about women killing their new born babies and urged them to give their kids to the ministry or other relevant stakeholders for adoptions.

Why would you carry a baby for nine months, go through all the pain and deliver the baby just to kill it, bring the baby to us becasue no nobody will arrest you for doing that expressed Sioka.

Source: Namibia Press Agency