Geingob engages Otjozondjupa town hall meeting

Residents of the Otjozondjupa Region on Friday submitted written proposals on different topics to President HageGeingob at his town hall visit at Otjiwarongo'sSwanevelder Community Hall.

Nearly 3 000 people including traditional leaders, farmers, businesspeople, youth and opposition political party leaders attended the meeting and submitted proposals to the president on how matters affecting the country should be tackled.

Traditional leader of the Kambazembi Royal House, Chief Sam Kambazembi based at Okakarara was the first to interact with Geingob.

The chief proposed to Geingob that the Okakarara Constituency be divided into two constituencies based on its vastness and high population density.

Kambazembi also suggested that the traditional authorities together with the regional communal land boards be empowered by the State laws to be able to remove any illegally erected fence on the communal land, compared to the current operations whereby any illegal fencing matter needs to be taken to the high court for a ruling.

Issues of drought in the region dominated the dialogue with the president by both devastated commercial and communal farmers.

A representative of the Otjozondjupa Communal Farmers Union, RamanaMutjavikua suggested to Geingob that a policy on rural water supply be reviewed to boost the water supply to all Namibians in rural areas, compared to a situation now that some villages has no reliable water sources, while others have many sources.

We have a situation of one borehole supplying the entire Gam community resulting in a congestion by people and livestock. We therefore call on our Government to make a plan for the community, said a Gam resident, Samuel Maharero.

Leader of the Landless People's Movement (LPM) in the region, Benjamin Khairabeb at the meeting suggested that the president pass a law on the hiking of water and electricity tariffs since these are essential services, saying that the institutions tasked to manage such services are increasing tariffs annually without consulting consumers footing the exorbitant bills.

Khairabeb said the annual increases on these services makes them unaffordable, yet the managing institutions allegedly continues to make huge profits.

An issue of staff-tags for public servants also came out here, saying some Government officials are rude and do as they wish in the public offices.

With the assistance of name tags we will be able to identify these officials by their names and report to their supervisors with a purpose to improve service delivery, said one businessman at the meeting.

President Geingob in return made light comments in support of each suggestion and received these written proposals, saying that he will establish a team that will critically look into them.

The meeting was also attended by Vice President NangoloMbumba and several Cabinet ministers and their deputies.

Source: Namibia Press Agency