Geingob exalts Swapo during party’s Omaheke star rally

Give the Swapo government another five years to maintain peace, unity and stability, to weather economic headwinds and to safeguard to the sovereignty of Namibia, President Hage Geingob had said.

Geingob who was speaking during the Swapo party's star rally in the Omaheke region here on Saturday said Swapo is the only party able to formulate, promote and implement policies that will guarantee inclusive development and shared prosperity in Namibia.

Give the Swapo Part government another five years to finish the work already started- to expand the horizons for inclusive development and shared prosperity. Geingob said.

The president further noted saying, the Swapo Party government has a track record spanning 29 years, in which the party has delivered tangible results in the areas of governance, macroeconomic performance and socio-economic development.

In terms of our macro-economic architecture, we have maintained prudent fiscal and monetary policies that are pro-poor, supporting stability and economic growth, despite the headwinds. He said.

The Swapo Party leader also acknowledged that there problems and struggles faced by the Swapo Party led government, underlining that the party is not hiding any problems and that they are ready to face all problems as they have done so for the past 29 years.

We are not hiding our weaknesses when we are failing but we are saying there are achievements that you can see. Geingob explained.

The head of state stressed that Swapo has delivered a government of the people for the people, by the people, he highlighted on the ongoing food bank programme across the country. According to the President, the Swapo led government has endeavored to bring drought relief to the people of Omaheke region including N.dollars 400 000 of wheat grain and maize to the Aminius, Epukiro and Kalahari constituencies.

He also pointed emphasizes on the party's commitment to infrastructural development, improvement and expansion, saying a total number 1 350 kilometres of bitumen roads were completed in the past five years.

We can never tire of lauding our governance architecture and the resultant peace, unity, adherence to rule of law and stability. Geingob concluded.

Source: Namibia Press Agency