Geingob officiates at Ghanzi Agricultural Show

The President of Namibia, HageGeingob on Saturday was a chief speaker at the 2017 45th Ghanzi Agricultural Show in Botswana.

The show was held under the theme 'Sustainable Economic Diversification beyond 50 years Through Green Technology'.

Ghanzi is a town in the middle of the Kalahari Desert in the western part of the of Botswana.

The event, at which Geingob was the keynote speaker was also attended by his Botswana equivalent, President MokgweetsiMasisi and his wife, Neo.

In his speech, which was distributed by the Presidency, Geingob described it as an honour to officiate at the event which has come of age.

It is an honour to for me to be here amongst our Botswana brothers and sisters to participate in this momentous of the 45th annual Ghanzi Show, Geingob said at the onset.

Besides being known for quality cattle, Ghanzi serves as a gateway to Namibia, which hosts many tourists from Botswana, especially those destined for Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, the head of state noted while pointing out the Namibia-Botswana mutual relationship.

The President was then quick to outline the significance of the historic and deep-rooted bond that the two nations share.

With history now aside, Geingob then focused on the issue of the day, the Ghanzi Show, which he said started small but has since established itself as a premier event.

Geingob then reminded his audience about the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap through which the region seeks to leverage its abundant and diverse resources.

The strategy and roadmap have a specific focus on the agriculture and mining sectors in order to accelerate industrialization through beneficiation and value addition.

It is in this vein that we are all pleased to notice the evolution of the Ghanzi Show which is a reflection of our keen intent to enhance our industrial base and modernize our economies, the President stated broadly.

According to Geingob, industrial shows have several economic spinoffs which in turn contribute to the development of local economies.

This, he said, is evidenced by the expansion of Ghanzi's infrastructure, particularly the accommodation facilities.

It is also gratifying that my visit to Ghanzi comes at a time when Namibia and Botswana have intensified efforts to explore new avenues for cooperation.

Chiefly, the avenues of cooperation include the beef quota that Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland share in the most lucrative Norway beef market.

Botswana through the Botswana Meat Commission has granted MeatCo, which is a Namibian export facility space in their globally accredited cold storage facility in Cape Town, thereby providing a gateway for Namibia's access to the European Union (EU) beef market, he emphasised Namibia's gratitude.

Source: Namibia Press Agency