Geingob reiterates call for food bank

GOBABIS: President Hage Geingob has reiterated his call for the establishment of a food bank, which will provide for hundreds of families struggling to put food on their table.

A food bank is an agency, group or centre that collects food and distribute it to the needy.

The concept, which was first launched in the United States of America ( USA ) in the late 1960s, has proven successful in preventing hunger and starvation amongst citizens.

The Head of State first made mention of the idea of a food bank during his maiden State of the Nation address earlier this year.

Geingob, who was speaking during a familiarisation visit to the Omaheke Region on Monday, said the establishment of a food bank will go a long way in meeting government’s targets of eradicating poverty.

He therefore called on farmers in the region to be prepared to donate to such cause in order to all alleviate hunger amongst the region’s inhabitants.

‘I know for a fact that we have around 4 000 farmers in this region, which prides itself for being a cattle country. If each one of you could donate two of your livestock – or game which you farm with, we will have 8 000 of such animals to feed the nation.

‘Let us seriously look into such possibility, as we can indeed feed ourselves with the resources available at our disposal,’he said.

Geingob also urged farmers in the region to reduce their livestock if they find it hard to maintain them.

He said farmers should instead support government projects such as the envisaged food bank through their livestock, as oppose to keeping unmanageable large herds of livestock.

‘You often find a farmer having 1000 heads of cattle on communal land, but then he complains of starving and not having anything to eat. How is that possible? It’s your livestock, it’s your stomach – use it to feed yourself and others, ‘ said Geingob.

Geingob was accompanied by about 11 cabinet ministers, three deputy ministers and a team of special advisers.

While in the region, he visited the Omaheke Resource Centre; war veterans” houses; and serviced land for housing projects.

Before the Omaheke Region, the president held similar meetings in the two Kavango regions as well as Zambezi, Erongo, Omusati and Oshana regions as part of his countrywide familiarisation visits.