Get Out While You Can

Police Chief Inspector Bernhard Nghuulivali says women and men trapped in abusive relationships should get out while they can still do so in one piece.

“If you sit on a hot chair and refuse to get up you will eventually burn – stand up and go to a safer place. The sad reality is that very few women who open cases of gender-based violence follow through, and most end up withdrawing the case,” said the chief inspector. Men on the other hand are even worse than women according to Nghuulivali, because a man walking into a police station to report GBV is as rare as a flying pig.

“In my long years as a law enforcement official it is almost unheard of for a man to walk into a police station to report abuse. The sad reality is that the women who withdraw cases end up becoming statics themselves as their abusers eventually take more drastic measures such as killing them,” noted Nghuulivali.

Although it might seem easy, Nghuulivali says walking out of an abusive relationship could sometimes be harder than most people realise.

“Often times domestic abuse is a very complex situation whereby sometimes the abuser is the breadwinner in the relationship or the person paying for the flat,” he stated.

Nghuulivali said this in the wake of the steady build-up of gender-based violence (GBV) reported nationwide, some of which implicated members of the police.

He says although members of the police force are only human they should be exemplary citizens.

He says law enforcement officials place the confidence the public has in them in jeopardy when they too are implicated in GBV as either victims or suspects.

“As law enforcement we should set an example to the public. If we break the law ourselves the public will lose confidence in our abilities. Yes, we too are human but we should not forget that we have to set a positive example that is good. To be honest, we have not had any gender-based violence cases involving any of our law enforcement officials from January to date – I can only speak for the area under my jurisdiction,” he said.

Source : New Era