Get Out and Go Anywhere the BMW G 650 GS

Like overlanding but would like to try your hand at dirt biking? What if you love wheelies through mud but would love to do a gravel trip to Swakop? The answer is simple, a light and agile dual purpose bike.

There are a few options available, but none with the pedigree of the BMW G 650 GS. There’s little to the G 650 GS other than light construction, rugged tires and a little power.

Versatility is built around a 652cc, water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with four valves, two overhead camshafts and dry sump lubrication.

The engine cranks out a maximum output of 37 KW at 6,500 rpm and 60 Nm of torque at 5,000 Rpm. All this power is kept under control by a constant mesh 5-speed gearbox. Top speed is rated at 170 odd kmh.

The singly cylinder motor is a tad lumpy and by definition a little viby for town use, but is great for cruising long distances.

Riders used to bigger capacity motors might not find favour with the smaller unit, becoming frustrated by the lack of torque, but the motor is perfect for the novice or careful rider. Needless to say, 170kmh is more than enough to land you in very hot water if caught.

Lightweight construction makes for a pleasing ride on tricky off road sections and even lane splitting in town. Where larger aenture bikes struggle, the agile G 650 GS simply loves technical bits, taking them in its stride. The low down riding position is perfect for shorter riders like me and makes flat footing easier, a nod to the novice rider who struggles with bike control. An even shorter seat is available for riders of diminutive proportions.

Whether on the road or over rough terrain – the tried-and-tested chassis with central spring strut on the swinging fork ensures crisp handling. Membership of the enduro family is highlighted in this machine with the upright seating position and an impressive 170 mm of spring travel at the front with 165 mm at the rear. Total weight is just shy of of 195kg with a full tank.

The 2014 BMW G 650 GS is a great bike for beginner riders and riders looking for a light agile bike. It offers great value for money and is great on the dirt and technical tracks. Its performance might annoy those accustomed to bigger bikes, but if you need something that can be whipped around, look no further than the G 650 GS.

Source : The Namibian