Girl Guides empowered

Although not formerly acknowledged, October 21 was considered a day of empowerment for the Girl Guides Association of Namibia (GGAN).

The day started off with an Empower Her girls' conference led by Mirjam Agapitus and Maloney Aoxamus, two students involved in social work. The aim of the conference was to encourage the girls to consider arts and crafts as a way to develop their artistic skills.

Thereafter, the girls learned how to make lasagna. For some using an oven was a first, as most of the time they only use the stove to cook a simple meal. Cooking develops a child's motor skills and is a creative outlet, which offers a chance for children to be praised and encouraged for their hard work, says Monica Iipinge regional commissioner (central region) of the GGAN.

Towards the end of the day, new leaders of the Guides were elected. Gretta Gaspar as chief commissioner, Maija Shingenge as deputy chief commissioner, Lya Mthoko as international commissioner and Iipinge.

When it comes to inspiring young people about what they can achieve for themselves, honesty about one's triumphs and failures is invariably the best policy. Young women need female role models to inspire success, says Aase Geel, finance chairperson of the GGAN.

The CGAN was founded in 1923 and provides non-formal educational programmes, which develop the skills of girls and help them become confident and strong women. The association is currently active in the north, west and central regions of Namibia.

The association is supported by the Ministry of Arts, Education and Culture, and guiding activities take place in such a way that they do not disrupt the normal school schedules.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia