Gobabis Constituency by-election off to slow but smooth start

The Gobabis Constituency councilor by-elections got off to a very slow start here Wednesday morning.

The constituency has eight fixed polling stations and 19 mobile polling stations.

At four of the eight fixed polling stations that Nampa visited, no voters were seen in queues to cast their votes.

When Nampa arrived at the Gobabis municipality office polling station at 07h00, only one voter could be seen arriving to cast his vote.

At a polling station erected at Epako community hall, 14 voters had casted their vote by 07h20, presiding officer, Dortea Tobias, in an interview told

Nampa that the voting process was moving at a slow but smooth pace as she and her team had not experienced any difficulties.

We started on time and the voters that we have helped thus far are not experiencing any difficulties using the EVM, she said.

At Epako Municipality only 37 people had voted by 07h40 while at Rukutuka Primary School polling station, 49 voters had casted their vote by 08h00.

Speaking to Nampa, presiding officer at Rakutuka Primary School polling station, Ritja Muriambihu said, though everything is progressing well, very

few voters are showing up.

We are only seeing elderly voters arriving to vote at the moment, maybe because the youth and middle aged voters have other priorities given that

school just re-opened today and today is also a working day, so we hope as from 18h00 onwards we will see a better turn up,

The Gobabis Constituency has 13 457 registered voters.

Source: Namibia Press Agency